Our Sioux Falls, SD Trip Plan

Yes, you read that correctly, we’re going to SD but mostly for our domicile, mail pickup (We used yourbestaddress.com for our mail forwarding) and of course to register our vehicle over there. Why SD? No inheritance tax, no vehicle inspections and only 4% tax on vehicles and whatever else, not sure about the percentage but […]

Mejias Life Adventures

New RV Kitchen & Bath Faucets

As I sit here in the camper writing this post, hubby is in the background making a bunch of noise vacuuming up the mess from the wall that needs fixing but let’s get on with the real reason I am writing this post, FAUCETS! Yes, we went and did it, we replaced both the kitchen […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Separating Your Driving & Living Area

We don’t know about you but we wanted our captains chairs/driving area, separate from our living area and here’s what we did. I have to admit, I am pretty grateful that there is an IKEA not too far from home, we were able to get 2 ceiling tracks, 2 ceiling brackets, curtain holders and curtains. […]

Mejias Life Adventures

RV LED Light Fixture Installation

Us here at Mejias Life Adventures had quite a busy day, on top of running out to our local RV store for some dicor, we finally decided to install the LED light fixtures that arrived on Friday. Let me say that first off, there were a few obstacles while installing these light fixtures so let […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Water Damage yuck!

So while I was at work today, the hubby decided to use his day off to take down the water damaged wall in the back bedroom to reveal….. that it isn’t as bad as we thought. However, since when we first had gotten the RV, he has sealed the roof, we haven’t had any more […]

Mejias Life Adventures

3 Camper Products – Reviews

So recently the husband and I have been thinking about what things would we possibly need in the camper besides the normal cooking stuff, bath stuff, bedding and basic necessities and we thought about quite a few things but here are the 3 items we picked up from Amazon and we are here to give […]

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