Change can be good…

If anyone has ever told you that change is good, they were right! We recently decided to change our job, location and some habits that were becoming a pain in the butt. We were working for a resort with no time stipulation, and while the job itself was kinda fun, there were some hidden agendas […]

Our Sioux Falls, SD Trip Plan

Yes, you read that correctly, we’re going to SD but mostly for our domicile, mail pickup (We used for our mail forwarding) and of course to register our vehicle over there. Why SD? No inheritance tax, no vehicle inspections and only 4% tax on vehicles and whatever else, not sure about the percentage but […]

Mejias Life Adventures

RV Essentials Checklist

There are many full timers out there who believe they have to have everything that was in their sticks and bricks house in their camper. That is untrue and if that were the case, where would you store it all? Here is a basic RV Essentials Checklist and if there is anything I missed or […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Choosing a Domicile State

State of Domicile “n. the state in which a person has his/her permanent residence or intends to make his/her residence, as compared to where the person is living temporarily. Domicile depends on intent, location of a home where a person regularly sleeps, and some conduct. A corporation’s state of domicile is the state where the […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Hey everyone, when we picked up our motorcycle (scooter) last week and the guy had a custom made motorcycle carrier made especially for his class A camper and asked us if we wanted it and for the price my husband jumped at the chance. It’s made of solid H E A V Y steel and […]

Mejias Life Adventures

We’ve Planned a Travel Route

Yes, we’ve gone and done it! We’ve planned our route to Nashville, TN using RoadTrippers and we’ve added some fun stops along the way too! Who says traveling isn’t fun? It is when you plan it out and make some interesting stops along the way and of course taking a few breaks to get something […]

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