Van Tour #1

I bet your wondering why we wrote #1, well that’s because we changed around the van to make room for a bigger bed and also to make use of the windows as far as storage, our newly changed out van tour will happen in a bit once we get everything back in place but until […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Where We’ve Been & Vanning on…

We’ve been to quite a few states here in the United State since beginning our journey July 2018. Even though we’ve only been on the road for about 5 months, we’ve seen so many states, visited many national forests, enjoyed the sunrises and sunsets and just was able to relax and enjoy where we were […]

Van Life Necessities

I guess your wondering “If I were to live in a van, car, rv, what would I need?” That question for us was pretty simple and here’s how I break it down. These are in no particular order but it’s what we can think of off the top of our heads, that we use on […]

Change can be good…

If anyone has ever told you that change is good, they were right! We recently decided to change our job, location and some habits that were becoming a pain in the butt. We were working for a resort with no time stipulation, and while the job itself was kinda fun, there were some hidden agendas […]

Our Sioux Falls, SD Trip Plan

Yes, you read that correctly, we’re going to SD but mostly for our domicile, mail pickup (We used for our mail forwarding) and of course to register our vehicle over there. Why SD? No inheritance tax, no vehicle inspections and only 4% tax on vehicles and whatever else, not sure about the percentage but […]

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