A new addition to our family…

Oh, how I wish it was a baby, however I can tell you that in a way she kind of is! I would love for you all to meet our new motorcycle or technically she’s a scooter but classified as a motorcycle, Stephanie, yep that’s what we named her and rightfully so she is named after my late grandmother Stephanie who was such a wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate woman and without her this would have never happened. So let me introduce you.

Mejias Life Adventures
Mejias Life Adventures

Yep, that’s Roberto, looking all out of sorts and that’s because it was a mere 38 degrees that day and we had to get her titled, registered and new plates and my poor husband had to suit up and brave those fierce winds to drive down to AAA and get all that done, he said in the long run “It was worth it!”. What a brave man I tell ya.

So, this will be our other mode of transportation besides “Felisa” that’s our Campers name picture slightly in the left of the picture.

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

Van Life Duo who enjoy going on adventures, meeting new people, traveling & living self sufficiently in our made over 2000 Ford E150 Van into our home on wheels and traveling around the US with our Pup Jojo. Here is our story and some tips we've learned during our travels.