Instant Pot Chicken Flavored Rice

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting and wanting to see how I make my Instant Pot flavored white rice. This recipe is super easy and just like in my previous post for white rice, it’s the same concept except with a little flavor and the cook time still remains the same at 6 minutes.

First off we want to get our ingredients, for my flavored rice I’m using reduced sodium chicken broth and 2 packets of chicken bullion. Here’s how I make it.

Step 1. Get your ingredients ready. For every instant pot cup of rice – remember this is the little cup they gave you when you purchased your Instant Pot. (Many didn’t know that this is the rice cup), we are adding a regular cup of liquid so get your measuring cup ready (not your instant pot rice cup as this is ONLY for rice).

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I am making 2 cups of white rice, so I will fill up my rice cup twice and use my measuring cup to measure 2 cups of chicken broth, once I add that in, I will then add in my 2 packets of chicken bullion. Stir well.

In my previous post I mention that I add in real butter, I did this as well taking a sliver and cutting that sliver into 2 but since I am making 2 cups of rice I cut 2 slivers into 4 half slivers, if that makes sense.

Mejias Life Adventures Sorry I forgot to take a picture with the butter halves in there.

Step 2: Once you have everything mixed in (now remember you do not have to add in the butter, I just do it for extra flavor). You will plug in your Instant Pot, put on the Instant Pot lid, make sure knob is in SEALING and click the pressure cook or manual button and set your timer for 6 minutes.

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Your machine will beep once it reaches cooking pressure and the countdown will begin, once it is done it will continue on, however it will only be keeping it warm after the 6 minutes. You have the choice of letting the pressure naturally release (when the silver button goes down, all the pressure is gone) OR you can take a spoon and turn the little nozzle to Venting, be sure to keep face and hands away as it will spurt hot water and steam.

When cooking in your instant pot you CANNOT take the lid off without releasing pressure AND the knob must be in venting position.

Step 3: Ok well that’s it, you are done cooking your instant pot rice and can be served with anything your choose or even alone. Happy Eating and keep Instant Potting On!



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