RV Essentials Checklist

There are many full timers out there who believe they have to have everything that was in their sticks and bricks house in their camper. That is untrue and if that were the case, where would you store it all? Here is a basic RV Essentials Checklist and if there is anything I missed or you feel is a must have please comment down below.


    Aluminum foil
    Aspirin and Medications
    BBQ grill and accessories
    Bar soap and dishwashing detergent
    Bath towels/wash cloths, Beach towels, kitchen towels
    Bed spreads
    Black Water Chemicals
    Broom and dust pan
    Bug spray
    Can opener
    Channel Locks
    Cleaning supplies
    Coffee, Coffee Cups, Coffee Pot
    Dish drainer, Dish pan
    Electrical Adapters
    Electrical Extension Cord
    Extra Fuses
    Fill propane bottles
    Fire Extinguisher
    First Aid Kit
    Flashlight and batteries
    Folding chairs and table
    Fresh Water Hose
    Fuse Puller
    In-Line Water Filter
    Leveling Blocks
    Light Bulbs
    Matches or lighter
    Measuring cups
    Mixing/serving bowls
    Needle-Nose Pliers
    Non-Slip Cabinet Linings
    Paper plates
    Paper towels
    Pillows, sheets, pillow cases
    Plastic wrap
    Playing cards / Games
    Pot holders
    Pots and pans
    Rubber Gloves
    Salt and Pepper
    Sewer Hose(s) and Fittings
    Suntan lotion
    Table cloth
    Tire Gauge
    Toiletry kit
    Trash can and bags
    Water Pressure Regulator
    Water glasses / Disposable cups
    Wheel Chocks
    Ziplock bags

I think basic appliances in the kitchen would list as follows:
Coffee Pot, Instant Pot or other Pressure Cooker, Blender, microwave (which most RV’s already have built in) & crockpot (If you do not have an Instant Pot).
I am sure there is more to this list but you get the point, the more multiuse items you have to less stuff you have to store AND that means less weight inside your RV.

For all the tool items, you can make a little bag and stick it under the sink of where ever you have easy access to it, thus saving up more space. I personally am using cloth bins to store much needed bedding supplies and the like and putting in under the bed and I also do this also for our clothes.

There are many ways to organize your stuff but they key is having the space and not having too much. I’ve browsed IKEA many times over and that’s where I purchased my cloth bins but if you ever stop inside their showroom they give you tons of ideas. I’ve also purchased a magnetic bar there that hold those magnetic storage tins, this is a great idea to keep items off the counter PLUS it’s a quick and easy way to store spices. The bar needs to be attached to the wall, so this also makes it ideal for RVers because no worries about it falling down, there is also a magnetic type sheet as shown in picture one that IKEA sells as well. You can use the magnetic sheet or purchase a few bars and also use the bars to attach your knives to. I’m a little leery to that as I have the fear they will come flying off and well, I just don’t play with knives.


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