Water Damage yuck!

So while I was at work today, the hubby decided to use his day off to take down the water damaged wall in the back bedroom to reveal….. that it isn’t as bad as we thought. However, since when we first had gotten the RV, he has sealed the roof, we haven’t had any more leaks from that area, but we’re kind of wondering if the seal around the one window is causing the water to come in (while not much it still comes in). So our next idea, is to take out the one window (while it’s still a mess on that side) and reseal using butyl tape, put the window back in and then secure the seal around the window as well.

Next we will head onto the task of replacing the awning, since the previous owners must have hit something or just forgot to put the awning back in and well, you guessed it, messed it up. We have the new awning and let me tell you I cannot wait for it to go up but I’m a little worried that just him and I, won’t be able to do that task without another set of hands and eyes. We’re hoping that because the old awning looks like it was hit and damaged the screw in area, that this isn’t where the water is coming in but we shall see.

Here’s some pics of how it looked and now how it looks with the wall board taken out, seems the board is only 1/8″, yeah super thin!

Mejias Life Adventures

So this weekend, we will tackle that for sure (the window stuff first) and then head on to the other stuff, thank goodness the weather is going to be beautiful which will make this more bearable than having to turn the heat on in the camper.

Talk to you all soon but if you have any tips or tricks or had the same issue, please comment below or send us your comments on facebook.


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