Alternative RV/Camping Hot Water Option

Amongst the many youtube videos and of course browsing the internet, I came across a video from Cheap RV Living where he goes on to explain some additional things it is great to have during your course of full time RV living, one of those items was a black bucket with gamma lid. So on our day off from work, Roberto and I decided to hit Home Depot and pick one up and a few other needed things. I have to admit I was very happy the weather this past weekend was in our favor, we were able to fill up the bucket and sit it in the sun for the entire day and waala, we had warm water. Now it’ wasn’t super hot but it surely wasn’t cold. It was luke warm and I was ok with that.

The gentlemen who runs Cheap RV Living mentions to fill your bucket with water (most likely if your full time RVing, this will be gallon jugs from Walmart or wherever you get them), put the gamma lid on tight and sit it in the hot sun pretty much all day and the bucket will warm the water, which can be used for showering, washing the dog, rinsing off after swimming, etc. He also mentions a battery operated shower nozzle, which is put into the water to make it much easier to do the things I mentioned above, just make sure the one you purchase has an on/off switch so your not running out of water when not in use.

Here’s our bucket we placed in the sun, today we ordered the battery operated shower nozzle, which should be here on Thursday, so then this weekend we can fully test this out.

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What you need:
All black bucket (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.)
Gamma lid, this is purchased as one, you have to remove the lid from the base and it screws on your black bucket
Battery operated shower hose/nozzle with on/off switch to conserve water

Sit your bucket filled with water in the hot sun all day, use the nozzle to use the warm water when needed.

If you want to use this for showering, you can also get a portable pop-up shower tent, also sold on Amazon, so you can shower privately.
Now this is an easy and cheap method but there is also the option to purchase a Solar Shower, it is recommended to get a smaller 2.5 gallon one since who want to have to raise so many pounds off weight over your head. Remember a gallon of water weighs a little over 8 lbs.

Has anyone used any of the methods above? Please share your thoughts, experiences and/or comments.


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