New RV Fan Installation + more

Wow did we have  busy weekend, with the weather being so wonderful we decided (Yes, again!) to do some work on the RV. It’s starting to look amazing and more like a home each time, I’m in love.

This weekend Roberto installed a NEW RV fan with auto on/off and an awesomely cool remote. He purchased it from amazon, gosh we just love investing in Amazon Prime, also super cool that he works for amazon and get’s a discount as well. I on the other hand was doing some gardening work on the sticks and bricks house as well as putting a cute little wooden sign on the one cabinet door in the RV, you know I had to do something inside the RV.

Mejias Life Adventures   Mejias Life Adventures

As you can see there’s the before picture of the cheap van the previous owner had installed and of course the roof top of how it looked. When the hubby took out the old fan the opening was rounded on the corners, so he had to get his handy dandy little saw, and square them off, wasn’t too bad he said. As you can see the new fan is looking good and works like a charm, did I mention it’s also pretty quiet too? We just in case I haven’t it really is quiet.

Just make sure that before installing any new item on the rooftop, to scrap off all existing crud, butyl tape, caulk, etc… and be sure to always install your butyl tape, your product, then cut all tape that seeped out the sides with a razor blade, then caulk using dicor self leveling sealant. As you can see in the video below, the hubby shows you what he did and how he did a little sealing on the holes (since he also took out the satellite system and had to take out the solar panel that was installed.) The solar panel, will be moved down a bit to allow the fan to open and close.


On the side note, here’s what I did, lol. Put some pretty lavender flowers in a planter out front of the house as well as put the sign on the rv cabinet door.

  Mejias Life Adventures   Mejias Life Adventures 

All in all, the hubby and I are having fun in the process of renovating the RV as well as learning a few things here and there. This weekend not much going on inside or outside for that matter on the RV since our daughter is getting married on Saturday, but we’ll be back soon with new updates and what-nots.


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