RV LED Light Fixture Installation

Us here at Mejias Life Adventures had quite a busy day, on top of running out to our local RV store for some dicor, we finally decided to install the LED light fixtures that arrived on Friday. Let me say that first off, there were a few obstacles while installing these light fixtures so let me explain.

  1. The light fixtures were the perfect size, however, the screw holes were in a different position than the currently installed ones.
  2. The wood to screw the screws into, well let’s just say there wasn’t any where the new screw holes were.
  3. There was no insulation but as we took out the old lights, we noticed that a critter (Squirrel) at one point was living there or maybe just storing his nuts, lol.

Once we figured out what we were going to do about screwing in the screws, we were all set. Since there was some wood there we decided to just fit in another piece of 1/4″ wood into each light fixture area and then cut a piece of metal and placed it in there for stability. Now the screws had something to hold on to and it worked! Ingenious I tell you! 🙂

Here are some pics of before and of course, the after, we wound of getting the lights off Amazon, they  are the Thin-Lite DISTLED656 LED Light, we purchased 3 and I have to tell you they are super bright, has a dimmer option as well as a bright and brighter option.

Mejias Life Adventures

 Mejias Life Adventures

So, there you have it, super bright lighting and only took us a little over an hour to do, I would say we’re both pretty happy on the outcome and I would suggest these lights if you are deciding to upgrade or what have you. As you can see they are all white, not sure if they offer other color options but this matched our walls perfectly. Check back tomorrow as Roberto changes the converter in the RV to something more efficient (heck, we still have the original one in there!)

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

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