Separating Your Driving & Living Area

We don’t know about you but we wanted our captains chairs/driving area, separate from our living area and here’s what we did.

I have to admit, I am pretty grateful that there is an IKEA not too far from home, we were able to get 2 ceiling tracks, 2 ceiling brackets, curtain holders and curtains. I think we spent about $50 on everything which to me isn’t bad at all and I love how the curtains slide open or closed easily and as an added bonus, you can always tie them back to have them open for extended period of time.

I must warn you however, that this is something you can not do by yourself, it does take 2 people and this way everything is level and even. Take a peek at the photos. We did purchase no sew hem tape, which I still have to put on but for now it works until I can find the time to put the hem tape on. Maybe that will be this upcoming weekend project for me, while the hubby finished up on the converter work.

Mejias Life Adventures Mejias Life Adventures

Mejias Life Adventures Mejias Life Adventures

Not bad for a days work, I know I mentioned in my last post about Roberto and the converter, he did get it installed and working, however, we noticed some areas where possible critters could make a home, so we put in the foam expanding insulation and it hasn’t dried yet, but please check back for updates on that.

I also, forgot to mention that finally and yes I mean FINALLY we tested our the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom and no leaks. Being on the East Coast, the weather just recently started to get warm so we took the plunge (no pun intended) and made sure to put all new plumbers putty and check our seals and poured the water down the drains. To our relief everything was fine. Next time, we have to test that shower area and toilet and hot water heater, but one step at a time. lol

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