New RV Kitchen & Bath Faucets

As I sit here in the camper writing this post, hubby is in the background making a bunch of noise vacuuming up the mess from the wall that needs fixing but let’s get on with the real reason I am writing this post, FAUCETS! Yes, we went and did it, we replaced both the kitchen sink and bathroom sink faucets to matching ones.  Not bad for about an hours work.

We purchased these at Lowes, and we have to admit we got them both mentioned as lavatory faucets but the one fit perfectly in the kitchen sink so it’s staying. Take a peek at our new faucets and you guessed it, we will be changing the shower faucet and shower head as well but that will wait till the wall is done in the bedroom, which as I mentioned the hubby is working on as I write this. It’s a shame it’s been raining on and off today so he can’t do much with the wall because he needs to remove the window. 🙁

Mejias Life Adventures

After all these renovations I am REALLY happy on how things are turning out, I would have never thought with all this hard work and dedication our camper would love to beautiful.

Once the camper is complete we will post a video tour of our camper and remember DONT STOP BELIEVING! We all know that all this work discourages most but don’t let it! Will hard work, dedication and working together as a team, we got all this done and it feels amazing.

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

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