Life Changes, New Travel Plans

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been so long since we posted a blog update but some things happened and while we were able to do some work camping in the RV, our luck had run out and we had to make some changes.

To make a long story short, our RV barely made it back home after our work camping, we decided that not only will it cost us a fortune in extensive repairs, I (Tracy) surely wasn’t driving the RV like I thought I would so we ditched the RV and made a minor change, but to me it’s a change for the better. We got ourselves a camper van, well not quite a camper van but a van that’s perfect for us that we can BOTH drive and feel comfortable in. That’s all that matters.

Well here she is, or he is, shoot we haven’t decided on a name but I love it and we did do some work on it. 2000 Ford E150 Econoline Van 🙂

What we’ve done to make her adventure ready:

  1. New Tires
  2. Oil Change
  3. Tune Up (New spark plugs and ignition coils)
  4. New rear bearing seals seals
  5. New Ball Joints in the front


and that’s about it, we didn’t have to do all that but we wanted to make sure we had a great time adventuring and less time in the shop or just wondering about what if’s, we figured better to be safe than sorry.

So our new adventure will begin next week and we are super excited to be back on the road again, time for ADVENTURES!

P.S. Van tour coming after we have our stuff inside and are ready to hit the road, stay tunes.

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

Van Life Duo who enjoy going on adventures, meeting new people, traveling & living self sufficiently in our made over 2000 Ford E150 Van into our home on wheels and traveling around the US with our Pup Jojo. Here is our story and some tips we've learned during our travels.

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