Van Life Necessities

I guess your wondering “If I were to live in a van, car, rv, what would I need?” That question for us was pretty simple and here’s how I break it down. These are in no particular order but it’s what we can think of off the top of our heads, that we use on a daily basis or every so often, so here goes….

  1. Hygiene items: Toothbrush/paste, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, deodorant, razors, hand soap, etc… You get what we mean. Baby wipes are the bomb, they clean hands, utensils and are great touch up when needed.
  2. Blanket(s) – YES you will surely need these, how else will you keep warm on those cold nights? Wool is best but any blanket will do, we also have a -0 degree sleeping bags that works wonders on those freezing cold nights.
  3. Heat Source – There are 12 volt electric blankets sold at Walmart that are good but we have 2 types of heaters. One is the Mr. Buddy propane heater, which we use when we do not have an electrical hookup, or a 1500 watt portable electric heater (when we do have electrical hookup). If you are running solar, keep in mind that 1500 watts is a lot of power to use.
  4. Lights, yes lights, how will you see at night without them? We are using USB powered LED lights on a string we purchased at Cabelas, good thing is you can connect multiple light sets together or you can use a solar powered lantern or a rechargeable one too! We have solar so we use the solar to recharge our one light and to run the USB ones.
  5. Solar, as mentioned above you can run quite a few things using solar but it’s not really necessary however, I love having solar especially when were in the middle on no where, we can use solar without worry.
  6. Cooking – Utensils, butane or propane stove, dishes, pots/pans. We’ve been using those small metal pots sold at Walmart that are made for camping cooking, even for boiling water we use them. Plastic reusable utensils and cooking spoons and plastic plates, just 2 of each.
  7. Window Coverings – Reflectix works wonders and many cover them with material to make it look better but that choice is yours.
  8. Ventilation – Most use the maxx air fan that has to be fit into the metal in your van and we personally do not have that, we either open the window a tiny bit or use the slider windows in the van and open them. Please be sure to have some type of ventilation when running the Mr. Buddy heater.
  9. Fire Extinguisher / Smoke/CO detector – Very important and just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. First Aid – For those times when you need that band aid or muscle cream, you know for long hikes or rock climbing, these kits come in handy.
  11. Clothes/Shoes – Unless you’re in a nudist colony, these are required. lol I’m also sure you’ll need them on before heading into the grocery store or any other public place.

Is there something I might have forgotten? Let me know in the comment section below and until then Happy Vanning!

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

Van Life Duo who enjoy going on adventures, meeting new people, traveling & living self sufficiently in our made over 2000 Ford E150 Van into our home on wheels and traveling around the US with our Pup Jojo. Here is our story and some tips we've learned during our travels.

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