How To Make a Rustic Spice Rack

Making a rustic spice rack is just the cutest and I must admit the process is all but under an hour and you have a adorable, rustic and completely useful spice rack.

I’m a flea market, bargain hunter shopper and I usually visit the flea market almost every weekend when the weather is nice and warm, I seem to find alot more things that makes my imagination run wild. I just wanted to show you something I made from a vintage 7-up wooden rack and some small 4oz. ball jars with rusty looking lids. I made a spice rack.

It’s easy to do as I’m sure you could find someone selling an old rack and you can find 4 oz. ball jars on the internet or local candle supply store and you can also find the lids in the same places. I purchased mine from Candles & Supplies

Mejias Life Adventures
Mejias Life Adventures

Put in your spices, make some cute tags (I used a paper punch and kraft cardstock – found at my local arts & craft store) and write in the spice name and using ribbon or what ever you want, attach it to the jar. I’m even tempted to attach a cute rusty bell as well.

Take a peek and tell me if you’ve made something similar or just want to know where you can obtain supplies. Pictures are awesome, please do share.

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