Kitchen Composting Bin

On my personal journey through simple living, I have searched, watched You Tube videos, visited blogs amongst other things and thought it would be great for the environment as well as my tiny little garden to embark on a new adventure making a composting bin.

Was pretty easy for me to start since our local farmers market sells those white buckets with the removable lids, so that’s what I was using as my composting bin. Of course, there were some changes we need to make to the lid, such as drilling sporadic holes throughout for the items that we put in the bin to be able to breathe. Once blog mentioned putting a carbon filter at the top but that wasn’t really needed since I was drilling the holes.

Van Life Duo
Van Life Duo

To begin it was said to add newspaper, coffee grounds, banana peels or whatever natural items you could think of as well as some dirt to get it started.

So far so good, we’re still composting however, the bucket is staying outside because I didn’t use the carbon filters and the fact it needs to be tossed every so often to keep the materials circulated, it can get kind of stinky. Since we put our house on the market, I don’t think having a stink in the house would be a good thing. I am sure my possible new homeowners would like that and well I’m trying to get buyers not “stink” them away.

Do you have any tried and true composting tips that you’d like to share?

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

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