Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Hey everyone, when we picked up our motorcycle (scooter) last week and the guy had a custom made motorcycle carrier made especially for his class A camper and asked us if we wanted it and for the price my husband jumped at the chance. It’s made of solid H E A V Y steel and the fact that is was custom made from a local machine shop for our motorcycle specifically, why wouldn’t we?

Now after a few days of this yucky cold weather we were unable to do pretty much anything inside or outside the camper but since today turned out to be an “ok” day, not too cold but definitely not too warm that Roberto decided he wanted to attach the motorcycle carrier to the camper….. while the idea was just perfect and doing so would have been pretty easy, it actually didn’t turn out that way.

The hitch receiver or that piece that goes into your hitch on your motor vehicle, lol was just too long, so of course hubby had to cut it (Finally a manly project) and he asked me to take a video and wanted me to share it with you all. Have a looksee.

Check out the video for just a beginning view of what my husband had to endure and the long awaited for after pictures.


Mejias Life Adventures Mejias Life Adventures    

Mejias Life Adventures


Check back later for a peek of how it looks after it’s been sanded and painted, right now it’s drying so we haven’t installed it on the camper yet, but I think it looks amazing.

See you soon!

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