Our RV Kitchen

As you can see from previous posts, we have been working quite extensively in our kitchen area, today it is almost complete (except for the upholstering of the kitchen table seat cushion and of course the flooring) but our walls, cabinets and miscellaneous items are complete, take a peek at the pictures and let us know you thoughts. I know I’m in love with everything.

Mejias Life Adventures
Mejias Life Adventures

We decided to paint some things the same color as the wall to have a mix of colors and we also painted the AC cover. While it took a while to get all this done, the key was to not get discouraged by the weather or the time it took but to just focus on the task at hand and set your mind to getting it done.  I had to make a point to take a picture of the magnet, lol

We’re currently working on our bedroom and bathroom cabinets, so be sure to check back in a week or so for some updates.

P.S. I’m in love with the menu stick on that I purchased at Walmart and it’s also a chalk board.

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