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We’ve been asked, since our kitchen counter space is so small, how will we use our instant pots or other kitchen appliances? Since the instant pot in itself takes up pretty much space, the downfall of having limited counter space is where do I put it? With that being said, the fact that the instant pot cooks in no time, we will use it, clean it and store it away. Where will we put it while it’s cooking? That’s a good question. (See the pic below, YES, that’s all the countertop space I have.)

Mejias Life Adventures  Mejias Life Adventures

Thank goodness our RV has plenty of outlets, You can use your instant pot, blender, rice maker, pressure cooker wherever there is room. Remember, it’s portable so making it have easy access to an outlet, makes it all the more convenient. You can use your kitchen table, top of the stove (for those equipped with a cover) or anywhere you can! Don’t limit yourself just because of counter space. If your RV is equipped with a sliding hidden table you could also use that as well.

Our RV really doesn’t have much counter space, and believe me, we love to use my instant pot (Well I love it but Roberto loves the food), we use it almost every day, especially for rice, so where there is an outlet, there is a way.

Now, making use of counter space isn’t the only issue, but if you’re like Tracy you pretty much have your set of kitchen gadgets, appliances and do dads that you need to find space for, so here’s a tip.

Make use of walls, in our previous post about Organizing, we went to IKEA and purchased a magnetic bar that holds their magnetic spice tins, knives, etc… these free up space in drawers, cabinets, etc. Attach a spice rack if you prefer this to the wall instead. We have little hooks that hold baskets, command strips work well too!

Have hanging vegetable baskets, hanging storage organizers (even in the shower too!) bins hung to the wall using either command strips or Velcro.

To make things easier to find and store, we use bins pretty much for everything too! Bins under the sink hold our cleaning supplies, bins to keep our utensils and bins, bins everywhere I can!

We personally DO NOT have any glass dishware inside the camper, We use our enamel pots and pans (When we’re not using the instant pot), we grill (this is stored in the basement compartment of our RV), we use paper plates, paper/plastic cups, paper towels and napkins, etc… Less space needed to store these and no fear of anything breaking. Remember that Wawa, Sheetz and all those quick stop and go places have plastic utensils and napkins, we usually grab a few of each when we’re in there making a purchase.

So with all that being said, just take a deep breath and remember an outlet is everywhere, you can cook and store your items quickly and easily.

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