RV Bedroom Wall Painting Part 1

Yes, the time has finally come and we have moved on the bedroom area of the RV, this while it’s exciting, it’s the biggest area of them all and there are much needed repairs, so today I sanded down some areas I added wood putty to, cleaned, and cleaned, but only on the one side of the camper, since the other side had some water damage, that needs to repaired. That didn’t stop me though, as I plowed away on the other side that was in great shape (besides the putty / sanding).

After all that cleaning and re cleaning and then taping, I was able to get a first coat on and then 2 hours later I got the 2nd coat on, boy was that fun!

Here’s the before picture, quite intimidating but that didn’t stop me, I’m determined. To be honest, I didn’t even touch that section yet, just the section to the right and I’ll tell you why. You see in the pictures the previous owners used duct tape to hold things to the wall and it made a sticky residue that I have to use Goo Gone on, at a later date. Just take a look at the yucky wallpaper and of course, the missing trim pieces, which we found in the under bed storage areas.

Mejias Life Adventures

Now on to the area I did paint, while I think it needs another coat, I am ok with how it’s looking, plus it does brighten up the area quite a bit. The hubby and I were thinking to get some cheap cut to size shades for the windows and I’ll be making my own curtains, if only I could find a pattern I like, but that’s a post for another day.

Mejias Life Adventures   

The first picture is after the first coat and the next picture is after the 2nd coat. In the first picture I decided not to paint under the bed rails but I think I might just go ahead and paint that too (see the little bit of blue in the 1st picture? That was my dog JoJo who was almost in the picture but she got camera shy, lol). Almost forgot to mention that I did paint inside the cabinets on that same side. I actually painted the wall area, that wasn’t too bad.

Well there you have it, continue to visit our blog for more RV renovations, remodeling and updates… until next time…. Happy Adventuring!

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