Van Life Questions We Encounter

While being a van lifer AKA “Living in our van”, we’re asked many questions and as most of us are asked these questions probably everyone’s answers are almost the same.

  1. How do we go to the bathroom – #1 question we’re asked and it’s our fairly repetitive answer. Public restroom for going #1 & #2, portable bucket or bottle and as we call the #2 bucket which consists of a 5 gallon bucket lined with 2 bags with a luggable loo attached as a seat for those times when there isn’t a public restroom in sight and you really have to go. I mean there are other ways like just to dig a hole in the dirt (away from your campsite), do your business and cover the hole back up, peeing in a bottle, etc. etc. I mean if you have to go, then you have to go.
  2. How do we take showers? We personally have a gym membership at Planet Fitness but there’s also the YMCA, truck stops which charge a minimal fee to use their facilities and of course, if you don’t feel like paying to take a shower or have the pesky gym membership fees every month, then there’s solar showers which hang above your van however you can make it work where the sun heats the water OR there’s the black bucket option. The black bucket option is what we used the most while we were in Arizona for a few weeks. Place cold water in the bucket, set it in the sun for a few hours and you have lukewarm water, enough for a quick shower. Use a water submersible portable shower head and there you go!
  3. How do we make money? Making money for us has been quite easy, we do side gigs like working festivals or finding seasonal or temporary work camping jobs. We make enough to continue traveling and enjoying our adventures and also be able to eat.
  4. What made you live in a van? We decided to do van life since were just tired of working the 9-5 with nothing to show for it and well life was kinda boring. I mean we are alive but with all the hard work we never got to actually experience life, have fun, be free. So one day we have an epiphany thought and that’s when we realized we wanted to be free and go adventuring. So here we are today, still out enjoying life and living it to it’s fullest. I mean YOLO, do what makes you happy.
  5. How is it to travel with pets? It’s really easy, our dog loves the adventure and being able to wander freely, after all it’s what we were meant to do. (Humans and animals alike.) Now we’re not saying all pets will love this lifestyle but everyone I’ve spoke to says their pets love it too!
  6. Will you ever stop living in your van? As of right now I say no, but we can’t predict the future but as far as our plans we have tons of traveling, many more adventures still to do, so we’re going to keep vanning on.

What were some questions you encountered when thinking about van life or even living the van life? Let us know in the comments below and until then HAPPY VANNING, YOLO!

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

Van Life Duo who enjoy going on adventures, meeting new people, traveling & living self sufficiently in our made over 2000 Ford E150 Van into our home on wheels and traveling around the US with our Pup Jojo. Here is our story and some tips we've learned during our travels.

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