How to make money on the road…

There are many ways to make money on the road but first we will tell you how we do it and well, our way is pretty simple.

We use and we’ve found 3 jobs, currently worked 2 of them and 1 we had to give up because of working this 2nd job. You can check out their website at:

There is also:

Please note some are fee based but I hear you receive all inclusive benefits and companies looking to hire you. We’re on a budget so we personally just use the free sites, I mean after all we’re looking to make money, not spend it.

Now, let’s talk about the other ways to possibly make some money to feed your gas tank as well as your tummies. I’ve come across some websites, free and fee based and personally we haven’t tried them yet besides the one above but here goes:

House Sitting – Yep, get paid to house sit (some include pets to take care of) and have a nice warm place to stay and shower everyday and reap the benefits. One website in particular is: HouseSitters America (fee based) where I’ve taken a quick peek and I was able to see some homeowners looking for a house sitter in many states across the US, this might be worth looking in to, because they are short term, meaning no long term commitments but I will advise that you must have a love for pets as the ones I’ve noticed have pets.

Be an extra in films – I know, like acting? I’ve never done any acting before, well after visiting this one website, it doesn’t seem that you need any experience but heck take a peek, maybe it’s something for you.

Writing on Blogs – Let me tell you, I personally do not have experience in writing but I do love to write, I post on my blog on a weekly basis with the hopes of someday becoming a blog that everyone visits, it’s not easy but I love what I do. Many people I have seen, make blogging their job but let’s face it, they are better at writing than I am but who’s to say I won’t get an occasional referral which could blow the roof off my blog, lol

Side jobs – This could mean helping fellow van lifers building out their van, do electrical, construction, etc… these are jobs that are on your terms, you set your own schedule.

Photography – If your a photo enthusiast then this is the job for you, take pictures of wild life, weddings, beautiful landscapes and the list goes on. There are people all over looking for a photographer for their wedding, birthdays, etc…

Do you know of another way to make money on the road? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Post Author: Tracy Mejias

Van Life Duo who enjoy going on adventures, meeting new people, traveling & living self sufficiently in our made over 2000 Ford E150 Van into our home on wheels and traveling around the US with our Pup Jojo. Here is our story and some tips we've learned during our travels.

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