About Us

So glad you stopped in and wanted to know a little more about the Mejias’.

The main writer on our blog is Tracy (yes, that’s me!) I am a young 46 with a love for animals and if I see one, I really want to pet it, hold it, kiss it, lol (Mostly cats and dogs), I enjoy herbal remedies, chakra, yoga, essential oils, cooking, decorating/organizing, reading blogs, posting on forums and of course posting on our website Van Life Duo (formerly Mejias Life Adventures) but AKA – Mejias Van Lifers. Check us out on YouTube and Instagram (mejiasvanlifers)

I’m more of the outgoing person, well kinda, I love to do workcamping jobs to make money but then after a short period of time, I’m ready to up and go go go to my next adventure. I’m a focused person who pretty much has a wandering mind and soul.

Roberto is 56, down to earth, workaholic who currently enjoys traveling and his variety of work camping jobs. He enjoys learning about history, has a love for animals, is the handiest man I’ve ever met AND he is the other driver of our 2000 Ford Econoline E150. He’s a funny, easy going guy who is like me, excited to explore new areas, see new things and enjoy life!

Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about us, we are both so happy we started our adventure and learn new things along the way, meet new people and take tons of pictures of our journey and we don’t regret making the decision to live the Van Life, we absolutely love it and so does our dog Jojo too!

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