Camping Checklist

Through much research and blog visiting I have come up with a basic list of necessities any RVer, camper, nomad, car dweller, etc.

First and foremost I would like to say that this is not all exclusive to anything and there may have been a bunch of stuff we forgot to list but as we come across something new it will be added to the list. Have something I didn’t mention below, please message us and let us know.

1. Mini Axe

2. Mini shovel

3. Propane Stove (this is used when you are dry camping and have no hookups or electric)

4. Distilled Vinegar (for washing of pots, pans, utensils, etc.)

5. Cooler (only necessary if you will be dry camping for days on end without hookups or access to such)

6. Air Horn – This is to alert others around you in case, 3 beeps means H E L P

7. Bear Spray

8. First Aid Kit

9. Flashlights, candles, matches, lighters, etc. There is also a solar light called the Luci Light, you could also use a headlamp type light or a lantern.

10.  Mosquito and/or bug repellant

11. Sunscreen

12. Blankets

13. Water

14. Good hiking boots, shoes, socks

15. Outerwear for those cold nights

16. Hand Sanitizer

17. Solar shower with a screw closure, strong hanger and an on/off shower head or a portable 2.5-3lb BLACK bucket with a black gamma lid (screw top), fill with water and leave in sun for a few hours use a Portable Pump for washing dishes, bathing/showering and just freshening up.

18. All Natural Cleaner (Dr. Bonners) that is good for the earth and environment.

19. Washcloths AND Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes to also freshen up.

20. Anti Bacterial wipes for the pits, chest and naught bits areas.

21. Towels to dry off can also just be another washcloth or 2 since you are not using as much water.

22. Fire starter kit just in case for those fun times around the campfire or if you need help.

TIP: Remember each gallon of water weighs approx. 8 lbs. This puts more weight in your car so I suggest only having 2-4 gallons and refill them at your grocery store when getting low or if you’re at a place where you can refill them for free, that’s even better.

I also suggest having a backpack or some kind of organizer for the smaller things, this will free up space especially if living in a car when there is limited space. The backpack you could use when you are walking, doing some sightseeing and even riding your bike or scooter to a store for groceries.

If there is anything I missed, please let us know.