Downsizing & Letting Go…

Let’s face it, you want to move into a camper/rv or a van right? I’m pretty sure all your belongings now (unless you’re going from van to large camper) aren’t going to fit and we all know it’s REALLY hard to get rid of stuff even if we haven’t used it for months. BUT we have to!

Our story: We used to live in a sticks and bricks home which is 2200 sq. ft with the just the 2 of us, a cat and a dog and learning to downsize for me has been easy, for Roberto on the other hand…. hasn’t really happened and I’ll explain why.

Roberto has (or had) too many things, he acquired these while owning several other homes in the area and renting them out or selling them, so he figured he needed all these things to be able to maintain the other homes.

Tracy on the other hand, doesn’t think she needs much more just clothes, makeup (What girl wouldn’t), shoes, sneakers, boots, hair products, blow dryer and well other girly things. In reality I really don’t need all these things but I felt I HAD TO HAVE THEM, yep I just had to.

We both agree we need basic things for the kitchen such as: Instant Pots, Air Fryer, utensils, cups, plates, bowls, containers, pots/pans, blender, and well that’s pretty much it. Beds need coverings (done), toilet paper (check!), towels, washcloths (check!) basic tools for for the RV needs a minor repair (check!) but HOW do we downsize????

I always do the 1 year rule, which means if you haven’t touched it or even used it in a year you can donate it (tax write-off), throw it away or give it away to a friend or family member.

Recently we came across a way that each month you do a room, or try to (since we are still working to save for our adventures) and do it as follows:

– Pick a room

– Go through everything and make 3 sections


– Keep – Donate – Sell

Tracy, hasn’t has a hard time doing this and heck Trash pickup is Tuesday mornings, so for me all I have left is the stuff I’m keeping and some furniture pieces we’re still using but after that it’s Craigslist time to make some extra cash.

Roberto, still has to go through his basement area where all his tools, paints, electronics, books, etc. are stored and REALLY go through things. I’ve contemplated just have a house sale, where people come in and make offers on the items we have for sale and go from there, but our problem is we’re not sure how to go about doing that but if we did WHEN, since we work. This situation might work for you, there is also what they call estate sales where people come in an run the sale for you and take a cut of the profits.

What’s your downsizing tip? Let us know!