Van Tour #1

I bet your wondering why we wrote #1, well that’s because we changed around the van to make room for a bigger bed and also to make use of the windows as far as storage, our newly changed out van tour will happen in a bit once we get everything back in place but until […]

Mejias Life Adventures

RV Storage Ideas

Having an RV and so much stuff to store here and there, can be overwhelming. I mean do you really need 3 coolers or those 10 pairs of shoes? This means it’s time to take a note of what you have and go from there. On my previous post RV Essentials Checklist I give you […]

Mejias Life Adventures

RV Essentials Checklist

There are many full timers out there who believe they have to have everything that was in their sticks and bricks house in their camper. That is untrue and if that were the case, where would you store it all? Here is a basic RV Essentials Checklist and if there is anything I missed or […]

Van Life Duo

Declutter your life!

Are you thinking about hitting the road with your camper, truck, car or whatever your heart desires and need to declutter or get rid of your stuff? I mean you surely can’t fit all your furniture inside your camper and still have room to move around, yet breathe. Here is how we accomplished that task […]

Mejias Life Adventures

Simplify Your Life

Recently my husband and I have really been trying to live more simply, such as getting rid of stuff we don’t need or use, or practicing alternative ways to do things, such as composting, making our own concoctions, selling away stuff at the flea markets to save for our future dream of purchasing an RV/Camper […]

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